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Getting the Right Service

If you need someone for two days a week or more, you are most likely better off with an employee, rather than outsourcing.

If you are looking for a bookkeeper only to fulfill your statutory obligations (VAT, Payoll, CIS, Year End Accounts etc)  we can help you with that – this is what we do!

If you are looking for a bookkeeper that will provide additional services such as managing credit control or provide weekly/monthly reports, we can put you in touch with other Certified Bookkeepers in the Guildford area. They can come out to visit you to do your bookkeeping. Normally, you will be charged by the hour.

Get the Right Price

We don’t charge by the hour, but instead provide a fixed fee based on the number and type of transactions.

We can charge this way as all the factors that can make the cost vary are known variables: we only provide bookkeeping at our premises, on our software, for statutory compliance purposes only. We have a computer program that works out the price, and it generates a PDF that can be sent to you.

We can perform the quote at a meeting, or over the phone. Please call us to arrange this, if you think you might like to use us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Plain English Bookkeepers

We have your objectives in mind, not our agenda. We pride ourselves on listening carefully to what you want, and then giving it to you: not doing something you did not ask for and then charging you for it.

If there is a big problem or issue, we’ll proactively contact you and tell you about it, we won’t hide it, or tell you about something less important instead.

We listen and speak your language. Our principal was a successful Physics teacher at secondary comprehensive schools for five years before becoming a bookkeeper. He is well versed in the art of explaining things to clients in a way they understand and need. This art is proactively taught and passed on to all other members of staff.

Making Your Life Easy

We understand that a lot of people use a bookkeeper, to save time – so that they do not have to do the bookkeeping themselves.

If you appoint us, we will endeavour to make a smooth transition. We can liaise with any current bookkeeper to get what we need to take over, minimising the impact on you, your business and your time.

Experts in Administration

It’s what you expect a bookkeeper to be! Having many clients with different services and deadlines is part of what it means to offer outsourced bookkeeping.  However, it is suprising how many bookkeepers don’t do this well: missing deadlines, not getting back to people, forgetting appointments… We can handle this and do it well. In rare cases where we do make mistakes, we don’t go into hiding, but are frank with you and bend over backwards to get any problem fixed asap.

Do you need a bookkeeper for your business?

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