Bookkeeping Software May Become Three Times More Expensive in 12 months time

Buying bookkeeping software over the next 12 months may become around three times the price.

Why? The market has changed with the introduction of online bookkeeping. The major players (Sage, Quickbooks etc) have onboarded, and made changes to how they position their software, preferring to sell as a monthly subscription, moving away from one-off sales of desktop software.

For example, go to the Quickbooks website and it is very difficult to find desktop software, the links to that software is buried deep, whereas the online monthly subscription options are constantly in your face on most pages.

Traditionally, you can waltz into PC World, pick up a copy of Sage or Quickbooks for say, £250+VAT, then use that software for say, three years, before needing to buy the next version. That will end soon in my opinion.

Now, with the introduction of online bookkeeping, a monthly service subscription, you would typically pay £20+VAT per month.  Over a three year period, that is £720+VAT, compared to the £250+VAT aforementioned.

For example, Sage now charge £25+VAT (minimum) per month to have the desktop version (from what I can see on their website), that is the way to buy it if you go to their website, Quickbooks will follow suit at some point shortly no doubt.

At the moment, it is still possible to buy both Sage and Quickbooks at PC world as a stand-alone product, for just a couple of hundred pounds. However, that is in my opinion is likely to cease within 12 months or so. Why? Well, why would they continue to sell it in one place for £250 (PC world) and £720+VAT somewhere else? I don’t think they will, you have been warned.

Why is the online so expensive? Because you are not just paying for software, you are paying a hire charge to them for their computers (where they host your data and the software) and their broadband usage, as its all hosted on their computers. The fact you need a computer and your own broadband access to access their computer is beside the point!

We will be explaining all this carefully to our Guildford clients, according to their specific needs.