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We specialise in Microsoft Excel MTD bridging software products. Our software is fully functional right now.

HM Revenue & Customs want the nine-box VAT Return data, previously filed on their gateway, to be filed by 3rd party software – we provide that software.

Keep your data in Excel however you like, just ensure your 9-box VAT Return totals transfer to our worksheet.

Sage & QB Users etc Export to Excel + File!

We are dedicated to long term investment in MTD, to ensure you can keep on using spreadsheets for Making Tax Digital whatever the future holds.

So whenever HMRC makes changes to digital record-keeping, VAT, Income Tax and/or Corporation Tax, we are ready to ensure you can still carry on using Microsoft Excel for your record-keeping - come what may.

Signing up for MTD can be a complicated process. We'll support you through your move to MTD.

Our software is compatible with Microsoft Excel 1997 through to the latest versions.

We work with all sizes of businesses, organisations and individuals.

Transparent Pricing.
Unlimited Support.

How does it work?

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    Insert our worksheet into your Excel Spreadsheet.

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    Upload your spreadsheet to our website.

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    File your VAT returns under MTD & keep track of your filed returns.

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Annual Pricing.

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All licences bought in 2019 last to 1 April 2020 but our discount ends soon, so why wait?

Our software is fully functional right now. We are ready for MTD, are you?

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Why You Should Sign Up Now to MTD

There are 1.2 million VAT Registered organisations in the UK of which 85% manually file their VAT Returns on the government gateway. This gateway will be closed for VAT Return filing purposes from April. HM Revenue and Customs have told organsations to find 3rd party software to file their VAT Returns. It is unlikely that software suppliers will be able to provide the necessary support to all these potential customers onboarding at the same time from April in a timely fashion. Let's face it, we all know that most people put things off to the last minute, don't be one of them and risk stress as well as potential VAT fines of 2% upwards of any VAT due.

We Take Your Data Security Seriously

We use SSL technology to encrypt and transfer all data between you, us and HM Revenue & Customs.

When you upload your spreadsheet, we only read the nine-box VAT Return figures. We do not use or store any of your underlying financial data.

We do not see or store any of your credit card details. For your annual licence payment, you are re-directed to Payment Express, a banking facility that partners with World Pay. Once payment is made, you are re-directed back to our website. World Pay is a FTSE 100 listed company.

We store very limited information about you. All VAT return historic data, payments and liability information shown on our website come from the HMRC server each time, we do not store these. We store: your contact name, business name, e-mail address and phone number. We also store and encrypt: HMRC Gateway IDs & passwords, passwords to our website and VAT Numbers.

The servers we use are kept in a secure UK-based data centre, controlled by the largest web hosting company in Europe. Our servers use regularly updated microsoft enterprise level operating systems and database software, as well as the latest anti-virus and anti-intrusion blocking software. The database is backed up daily. Remote server access is restricted to administrators having unique hand-held 2nd form-factor security devices. Remote server access security is provided by Cisco Systems, a company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

As you can see, we have invested heavily to take very, very seriously your data security concerns.

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What is Making Tax Digital (MTD)?

HM Revenue & Customs wants to cut its costs and get paid taxes quicker. This is the bottom line.

HM Revenue & Customs is able to cut its costs, if it no longer has to offer free software and free software support to businesses. Therefore, HM Revenue & Customs are now telling businesses that they must use third party software developers to file quarterly business data Returns (for VAT, Income Tax and Corporation Tax). VAT is the first tax to start (2019), with quarterly Income Tax and Corporation Tax Returns to follow over the next few of years.

HM Revenue and Customs orginally intended for quarterly payment of income tax and corporation tax along with the quarterly returns. However, after a back-lash, they relented, and now say that businesses can voluntarily pay the taxes filed quarterly (except VAT) if they so wish. In addition, HMRC believes that if businesses see what tax they have to pay every quarter, even if they don't pay it, they are more likely to keep aside money for that tax and not spend it, so businesses that have a history of paying late, do not do so in future.

We are one of those third party software providers, ensuring you keep compliant with the new HMRC rules. We provide what is known as Bridging Software, creating a "bridge" for your software data to be filed to HMRC, without the need for other expensive software to be purchased, without learning new complicated systems and without losing the flexibility of keeping your business data in Microsoft Excel.

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